An ICON is “A sign that reproduces one or more characteristics of the reality it indicates”: the lamps from the ICONE series are also signs that describe the artistic and visual style of our times through their forms. We have used two precious raw materials to create the ICONE lamp: enthusiasm and creativity.

Marco Pagnoncelli, the Icone product designer, together with his brothers Cristiano, Davide and Massimo established a goal for themselves with the birth of the ICONE lamps: create high-quality products, whose design and materials contribute to embellishing the environments in which they take shape, for an even more unique setting.

Thanks to the creativity these lamps express, over the years ICONE has become synonymous with lighting design, making them the preferred fixtures that enhance the scenery of many famous hotels, critically acclaimed restaurants and cultural venues such as museums and theatres. Today light is the primary source of energy that allowed the earth to originate in the form it appears in today: in its pure state, light is life, and as such it should not be wasted. This is why ICONE preserves every drop of light, choosing the most environmental friendly processes, certified materials and renewable energy sources. ICONE is attentive to every step in the production process, respecting the environment even when it comes to marketing: all our brochures and promotional materials are printed on certified paper with the use of vegetable inks. The earth was not given to us by our parents, but loaned to us by our children.